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SINCE 1989



Our team contains members with the patience of a Saint to pick individual items, or work through long picking lists, they can pick and pack, attach labels and prepare for shipment.


Service Warehousing owns its own warehouse and loading yards, we do not share premises, or land with anyone.  Our NACOSS alarm is serviced regularly by local experienced experts and contains many additional features.  More alarm details can be discussed with customers and enquirers in person at anytime.


We boast members that have over twenty years of handling different products, from bales, rolls, pallets and cartons, with have the right equipment and the right staff.

Stock Control

Service Warehousing are proud to be associated with Macs Software constantly updated and supported we offer real time despatch and stock updates, all advised by email.  Stock reports can be exported into Word, Excel, CVS and Adobe formats.  Products can be allocated barcodes, pictures, batches and sell by dates.  Macs Software continually innovate their Warehouse Management System (WMS) and are happy to make sure we can support any requirement asked of us.  Stock reports can be tailored to include only the information required by the end user, so some of our customers are daily sent different data to different departments – all of which is real time information.




Three 18 tonne HGVs, with payloads approaching 10 tonnes deliver daily around the North West. Each vehicle has a carrying capacity of 16 pallets.  Multi drops are catered for using sophisticated technology combined with decades of logistics experience.

We have accounts with a full armoury of hauliers.  Long distance loads are accommodated by a combination of our fleet and multitude of subcontractors.  All subcontractors have long standing relationships and proven track records. From parcel carriers, through Nationwide Pallets carriers, articulated wagons and international tilts and Euroliners we are happy to supply a complete logistic solution.


The first concern of all organisations.  Our responsibilities are taken with utmost care. The team are constantly reassessed and trained wherever needed.Customers stock is protected from fire by Automatic Fire Detection helping to keep customers marine insurances to a minimum. Data is protected by a full system backup everyday, taken off site on 5 rotating data storage devices.



Service Warehousing was bought by David Mason in April 1989 when it was trading out of Atlas Mills in Bolton.  We moved to our current location on North Street Radcliffe, Manchester M26 2BN in January 1992.  What a fantastic move this turned out to be.  North Street Warehouse is an excellent building and location to warehouse and distribute goods for our customers.  From this location we have gone from strength to strength and celebrate our 25 year of trading in April 2014.

At the time of the move Service Warehousing stored predominately bulk textiles for the local finishing industries based in Manchester and the surrounding areas.  This period proved a fantastic apprenticeship.  Most consignments came in HMRC bonded, allowing our customers to pay the duty when they were ready to despatch the goods rather than when they entered the country, thus helping their cash flow.  Also, due to the large variety of products stored in the textile industry we are professionals in flexibility.  We now currently run seven counter balanced FLTs with an assortment of attachments that give us the scope to handle whatever is required of us, be they pallets, rolls, bales, cartons and loose cargo.

During our 25 years we have adapted the product range but one thing have always prided ourselves on is tailoring logistics to suit individual client needs, large or small clients alike we can provide a full support structure.  It has been of great pleasure over this time to store for fledgling companies, supporting them through growth and adapting more services as they have required them.  We always conduct ourselves as a team and to be part of support structure that assists growth is our most rewarding experience.  We like to think we give our customers an edge over their competitors by providing them with better support.  After all their success ensures our success.





For any inquiries, questions or any other matter, please call: 0161 725 8020 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

North Street Warehouse

North Street


Manchester M26 2BN

Tel: 0161 725 8020

Fax: 0161 725 8030


To enquire about applying for a job with Service Warehousing, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 0161 725 8020
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